Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard is CEO of NeuralPath.io, an Artificial Intelligence Advisory and Strategy Practice. Formerly with Oracle Corporation, he speaks about how Human-Centric AI can promote sustainable innovation across business and societies and that AI offers a new lens by which to analyse problems and discover solutions. Richard is a graduate of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Strategy Course with the Sloan School of Management and a contributing author to the book AI: The Future of Finance published by Wiley. Richard founded the Milton Keynes Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) hub and is the host of the AI futurism podcast ‘Boundless’.

We have constructed systems, structured our businesses and societies so for what worked in the past, but intelligent digital innovation is accelerating the need for conscious change. Richard presents as a conscientious observer, fusing a passion for technology for an instinct for fairness and collaboration. We need to be prepared for a future where humans and machines work alongside one another, making each other more aware and enlightened. Richard talks to conscious leaders of tomorrow about how to reflect, take responsibility and innovate to design a future that respects our morals, our ambitions, our planet and our need for a more introspective life.

Using a visual and dynamic presentation style, Richard shares insights and strategies from around the globe that use a combination of human and machine power to re-design the future. He excites and inspires his audience with his interactive talks that cover:

Exponential technologies

Digital transformation

New economic models and learning systems

Conscious business model design and innovation

Human innovation

Wellbeing and longevity

A planet-first design approach