When and where?

The Confidence Workshop is from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 27th April at the Ridgeway centre, Featherstone Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5TH.

What is this?

The Confidence Workshop wants to empower you and show you that it really is possible to look, sound and feel different. To co-create a ‘More Confident You’.

Confidence comes from feelings of belief in your own ability, skills and experience and can be developed like any other skill. Confidence is an attribute that most of us would like to possess.

Why attend?

Confidence helps you to step out of your comfort zone and accept offers and invitations that come your way. Beyond this, confidence helps you to ask for things that you want - all in a calm, kind and peaceful manner. Confidence isn’t about being pushy, demanding or loud, it’s about a deep sense of trust in yourself and your ability to try new things. As Susan Jeffers says to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

What will you learn:

  • The reasons that we lack confidence
  • Understanding fear; how it helps us, how it hinders us and how to overcome it
  • Our history is not our future
  • The barriers that can hold us back
  • Understanding mindset
  • The steps to building long term confidence
  • Quick fixes to get immediate confidence
  • The difference between confidence and arrogance
  • How to project confidence and manage mistakes
  • How to use mantras and self-talk
  • Planning for success

Who should attend?

Anyone that has missed an opportunity in the last few years by not taking the chance, by not saying "YES, I can do that"...or at least "Sure, I'll give it a go".

How do I book?

The best place is at Eventbrite, just click here for tickets.


Workshop Leaders:

Richard Foster-Fletcher
International Speaker and Mindset Coach

A keynote speaker and coach, with over ten years of presenting and speaking in public.  

Richard coaches individuals and groups on how to deliver impactable and memorable presentations. The results speak for themselves, he has helped sales teams to present to win, individuals to get hired and promoted, and leaders to achieve greater impact of their message.

Richard says: "Very few of us are born confident, but I can you help you to find your voice and build the life that you want. I use the latest thinking in the fields of cognitive bias and pattern changing to deliver highly effective workshops and coaching programmes"


"Richard is an astounding public speaker and an amazing coach. He has that extraordinary ability to bring out what is the best in you and also show you the ways to overcome your limitations.” Robert Ficon

Kala Flynn
Accredited Energy Coach and Speaker, Author, MsC AMEC

Kala is an accredited Personal Breakthrough Coach, coming from a successful commercial career spanning over 22 years and operating at senior Director level in large organisations and new startups.

Kala enables lasting results to be achieved by her clients. In particular, with her perception it becomes possible for you to find a way through even the most demanding issues. She demonstrates flexibility, skilful observation, insight and understanding.

Kala says: "I can be the catalyst for you to create higher personal awareness of your leverage, your powers of decision-making and your resourceful competencies. It's in all of us, but often we need help to overcome our blockages, our limiting beliefs and our negative emotions. By removing these, I can help you to take action and move forward."


"Kala is a whirlwind of creative energy, original thinking, absolute professionalism and dynamic results. She delivers far above and beyond expectation. If you are seeking extraordinarily successful results hire her NOW." William Benn

Hosted by Sentima Training. Sentima Training was formed in 2018 to host confidence workshops and mastermind groups in Milton Keynes.

Sentima Training is a trading name of Firmer Terrain Ltd. Company Number: 08832034.

Sentima is the Esperanto word for Fearless.

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