Our Approach

Why Public Speaking Coaching?

I’m Richard Foster-Fletcher, Founder of Speaking Skills, a company providing presentation training services.

A keynote speaker and communications coach, with over ten years of presenting and speaking in public I’ve seen first-hand the value in learning and developing high-quality communication skills.

I coach individuals and groups on the skills needed to deliver impactable and memorable presentations. The results speak for themselves, I help sales teams to present to win, individuals to stand out from the crowd and get hired or promoted, and leaders to achieve greater impact of their message from the stage.

Our Story

My Passion is...

...to help others to effectively communicate to acheive their desired results

Introducing myself

Very few of us are born great public speakers, but I can you help you to find your voice and build connection with your audience by teaching you how to effectively devise and deliver a speech.

I use the latest evidence-based thinking in the fields of cognitive bias, memory retention and multi-sensory learning to deliver highly effective speaking coaching programmes either one-to-one or within groups that are fully aligned to my clients’ personal and business objectives.

Combined with a deep understanding of how technology enables a speaker to succeed I will help you to deliver a tangible commercial edge in your next presentation.

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Public Speaking Coach ACS, ALS

Everything starts with a conversation

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