“Richard has a relentless tenacity to discover how digital technologies can make our world fairer, more inclusive and sustainable”

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An experienced speaker, Richard is known for his engaging and interactive style. He simplifies complex material into an understandable and actionable narrative for his audience. Richard shares the power and risks of artificial intelligence and how we can design a digital future that works for all of us.

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We saw retail move online in the 1990s and with it came an influx of new consumer data that separated industry players. We witnessed those that harnessed and use data to respond to consumer demands flourish. We also saw the deaths of those that didn’t.

In this talk, Richard asks if the same changes will happen in corporations as new communications data is made available. More companies are harvesting our data from conversations via web conferencing platforms including using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) from speech, non-verbal communication – including emotion and gestures.

So, as the coronavirus rips through retail and other businesses further, Richard asks, is the power of this data combined with deep learning too big and too risky? Drawing comparisons with the use of and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in social media, Richard will examine the risks to business growth of this data influencing the decision making, limiting creativity and constructing internal echo-chambers of ideas and processes.

Open Innivation is based on the belief that knowledgeable and creative individuals outside the company can also contribute to achieving strategic goals and that sharing intellectual property both ways is useful for different parties in different ways. The more information is gained, the more educated the decisions ultimately are.

To benefit from the delicate balance between AI and consumer trust it is necessary to create an effective data-driven strategy followed by a plan to use the latest conversational AI solutions for customer service.  This talk focusses on the importance of Data quality, Transparency and Privacy by design. 


Richard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influencer, Speaker and Podcast Host. He is the Founder of NeuralPath.io, a Human-Centric AI Advisory Practice, he is Chair of MKAI and Host of the Boundless Podcast: Designing Our Digital Future. A graduate of the MIT AI Strategy Course and a Wiley published author on the Future of AI. Formally with Oracle Corporation, Richard consults on AI innovation, ethics and the future of work for leading institutions including the International Institute of Digital Technologies and Henley Business School. He is a visiting lecturer in AI for Cranfield School of Management and has collaborated with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to support their AI and Digital Transformation journey via his podcast.

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