Equipping Boards of Directors with
Strategic AI Foresight and Insights

Richard Foster-Fletcher specialises in empowering Senior Leaders with the foresight and strategic insights needed to make informed decisions and de-risk the use and deployment of artificial intelligence in their organisations. By focusing on the ethical challenges of AI, Richard provides the guidance necessary to navigate transparency, confidentiality, and data privacy issues, ensuring responsible and sustainable AI implementation.

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Key Topic Areas:

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AI and the Future of Work

  • AI and Workforce Adaptation

  • AI and Education Reform

  • Skills of the Future

AI and Morality

  • Navigating Bias in AI systems

  • Navigating Transparency and Confidentiality in AI

  • Developing a Shared Language for AI Ethics

AI and Leadership

  • Evaluating AI Substance and Hype

  • Accountability in AI-Driven Decision Making

  • Navigating AI and Morality


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I have known Richard since the beginning years of MKAI. He is an engaging speaker and leader with the delivery of a world-class orator. If Richard is speaking somewhere, I’m listening in.

Ambassador Terry Earthwind Nichols, Ambassador | International Speaker

Richard Foster-Fletcher is an asset to humanity. He brings intelligence and heart to our ever-changing future. He’s a team player who cares about people and their important role on the planet as stewards for future generations. He is a great communicator and thinks outside of the box when creating solutions to difficult problems. Richard also sees the value in healthy partnerships when expanding new ideas. It’s an honor to work with Richard.

Laura Cox, Executive Producer

Richard Foster-Fletcher delivered a truly engaging and thought-provoking keynote at the AI Tomorrow Summit 2024 in Türkiye. His insights into the transformative potential of AI for Türkiye’s economy were both enlightening and impactful. Richard’s emphasis on the pivotal role of generative AI for SMEs, the importance of upskilling, and ethical considerations in AI development resonated deeply with our audience. His ability to articulate complex concepts with clarity and relevance made the session highly valuable. AIPA were thrilled to have Richard speak and look forward to future collaborations.

Ulas Malli, Board Member, AIPA

Richard has a unique quality:360° perception. If you want to have a real conversation that goes through every aspect of a topic, Richard is the person you want! Richard takes you further than most people I know. You always end up learning more about yourself and the information you were trying to convey. Richard is boundless indeed and will take you as well as your audience to the next level!

Denis Rothman, AI Expert & Ethicist | Author & Speaker

Richard delivered an insightful and thought-provoking talk on the expansive implications of artificial intelligence on society, the future of work, and ethical considerations. His ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible manner prompted a dynamic and engaging discussion among attendees. Richard’s presentation not only highlighted the potential risks and rewards of AI adoption but also encouraged a deeper understanding of its impact. The session was very well-received, sparking meaningful dialogue and a multitude of questions from an engaged audience. We are appreciative of Richard’s contribution to our event and his role in advancing the conversation around AI. His expertise and passion for the subject matter were evident and greatly appreciated by all participants.

Andy Murray, Executive Director at Major Projects Association

Richard provided an excellent platform for our discussion, skillfully getting to the heart of the matter and allowing me to share my views effectively. His thoughtful questions, combined with a warm and engaging manner, made for a truly insightful conversation. I appreciated his genuine interest and the respectful way he facilitated our discussion.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Author, Historian and Educator

Richard’s keynote at our recent EMEA Conference was both enlightening and engaging. His presentation, “AI in Action – Balancing Innovation and Integrity in Decision-Making” adeptly addressed the complex interplay of AI innovation and ethics, enhancing our understanding of these critical issues. Richard combined humour and humility to make the intricate topics of bias and the future of work approachable, while his interactive style enriched our session. We are grateful for his significant contribution to the conference and for advancing the conversation on ethical AI.

Megan Hendricks, Executive Director, MBA Career Services & Employee Alliance

It would be easy to describe Richard as an inspirational keynote speaker, an energetic and positive founder and a great podcast compere. And these would all be true. But to do so would miss something important and worth talking about. Richard is all about bringing the right people together and then inspiring them to do what they are best at. You can see it in his events, in his podcasts and in his keynote speeches. This positivity, respect and encouragement of everyone else is what makes Richard stands out. Book him. Work with him. Enjoy it.

Ryan Parke, Professional Speaker on Male Mental Health

Richard is a great global thought leader in the field of emerging technologies. I really appreciate his passion and work to create awareness about various critical topics like AI ethics, developing and implement responsible AI, the understanding impact of emerging technologies for the future, building strong leadership and ways to address climate change challenges. I also highly recommend everyone to listen to his podcast channel “Boundless” which explores fascinating topics around emerging technologies, leadership, and change. My favorite episode is Richard’s conversation with Dr. Geoff Keeling about AI and morality (Episode 111). It is must listen.  Richard is truly inspiring and I love his work.

Abhinav Raje Sr , Product Manager@NAB | Storyteller | Inspiring Ideas Podcast