Richard Foster-Fletcher

I am passionate about connecting the dots on what it takes to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other frontier technologies to create a more sustainable, ethical and inclusive future. Through my events, advisory work and my podcast I get the opportunity to ask big questions to the leading technologists, modern leaders, free thinkers and researchers, that explore the choices and options available to us to design a better digital future.

My work is to advise leaders and speak to audiences about responsible AI, data disclosure and digital ethics. There is a pressing need to make AI more open, understandable and fair. To accelerate these changes, my organisations are committed to developing and supporting new standards of ethics, compliance and regulation for AI.

If it sounds like we could work together then please get in touch with me.

A digital future that works for everyone

Core Beliefs

We need an economic platform that:


Recognises the intrinsic value of nature and leverages AI technologies to address urgent climate issues


Empowers diverse perspectives and leadership


Legislates artificial intelligence and social platforms to illuminate and not exploit human biases 


Respects ownership of personal information and privacy


Enables equal access to digital platforms of creative contribution


Promotes digital technologies and open data to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals


The Boundless Podcast puts host Richard Foster-Fletcher into conversation with global Technologists, Thought leaders and Researchers.

Each episode explores the choices available to us, globally and individually to design a better digital future, for all of us.


Richard Chairs the MKAI community. An eclectic group that engages in open conversation about important themes in Artificial Intelligence, such as; ethics, responsibility, fairness, sustainability, breakthroughs, impact on society and people, inclusivity. 

MKAI hosts inclusive AI forums exploring important AI topics with top speakers from around the world. 


Richard is the Founder of NeuralPath.io, a human-centric AI Advisory Practice that helps to promote the responsible use of ethical AI. 


Richard is highly regarded keynote speaker and event/panel host. He speaks about the latest Artificial Intelligence ethics and accountability, building and deploying responsible AI and creating a digital future that works for all of us.