Richard Foster Fletcher

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Ethical AI Advocate, Speaker and Advisor

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair at, champions ethical AI, sustainability, and responsible innovation, steering global discourse towards a more equitable digital future. His leadership and advocacy inspire actionable change in technology ethics, guiding organisations worldwide.

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"In the age of AI, true leaders in this era are those who not only navigate the complexities of artificial intelligence but also ensure it serves as a tool for inclusive progress, safeguarding the values that define us as a society."


Advisory Work
Richard provides expert advisory services, offering strategic insights and ethical guidance to organisations navigating the intricacies of artificial intelligence, ensuring their AI initiatives align with best practices for societal benefit and risk mitigation.
Speaking Engagements
As a distinguished speaker, Richard engages audiences with compelling narratives on the ethical use of artificial intelligence, its impact on society, and the future of technology, inspiring informed dialogue and action.
Moderation Services
In his role as a moderator, Richard facilitates enriching discussions on artificial intelligence, expertly guiding conversations among panelists to uncover deep insights, challenge assumptions, and highlight innovative solutions in the field of AI.
Chairing plenary meetings
As a chair for plenary events, Richard orchestrates high-level discussions on AI and technology ethics, ensuring a seamless flow of dialogue, fostering engagement among thought leaders, and steering the agenda towards meaningful outcomes.

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Richard helps chart a course through the complexities of AI, blending its vast potential with a steadfast commitment to ethical integrity, aiming to both empower and protect society

LinkedIn Top Voice

Richard is recognised as a top voice on LinkedIn, shaping critical discussions on artificial intelligence and its ethical implications, influencing a wide audience of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Chair of

As the Executive Chair of, Richard leads the organisation's mission to demystify artificial intelligence, advocating for ethical practices and inclusive progress in the AI community.

Acclaimed Writer

Richard, a published author with works featured by Wiley, Bloomsbury, and IGI Global, enriches the dialogue on AI ethics and technology's societal impact, bridging academic rigor with practical insights.

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