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Silverstone Park

Provided expert advisory services to the leadership and six CEOs across the renowned Silverstone Technology Park. Guided them on the adoption of AI technologies and the integration of cutting-edge AI use cases in manufacturing, maintenance, optimisation, and supply chain management, enhancing operational efficiencies and innovation capabilities.

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Reply Group

Delivered thought leadership and co-hosted comprehensive workshops on ethical AI and leadership. Engaged with senior executives to foster a deep understanding of AI ethics and its implications on strategic decision-making, ensuring responsible AI adoption within their organisations.

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Henley Business School

Conducted in-depth workshops focused on ethical AI, equipping business leaders and future executives with the knowledge and tools to implement AI responsibly. Facilitated discussions that emphasised the importance of ethical considerations in AI deployment.

Cranfield School of Management | Our Clients | RFF

Cranfield School of Management

Led forward-thinking workshops on the future of work, exploring the transformative impact of AI on various industries. Engaged with Cranfield’s global client base to prepare them for the evolving landscape of work influenced by AI advancements.

Government of Tunisia | Our Clients | RFF

Government of Tunisia

Provided advisory services on the role of AI in building a resilient economy in Tunisia. Assisted with the launch of the School of Artificial Intelligence and presented recommendations to the government on AI and agriculture, aiming to enhance national capabilities and sector-specific applications.

Republic of Turkey | Our Clients | RFF

Government of Turkey

Advised the Government of Turkey on the formulation and implementation of their national AI strategy. Offered insights and recommendations to drive AI initiatives that support economic development and technological progress.

Institute of Internal Communications | Our Clients | RFF

Institute of Internal Communications

Advised members, including FTSE 100 clients and government officials, on integrating AI into communication strategies. Delivered tailored insights to enhance internal and external communication practices through AI-driven solutions.

Republic of Turkey | Our Clients | RFF


Offered expert guidance on the application of AI in the transportation sector. Worked with Atkins to explore the future of transportation, focusing on AI-driven solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability in transport systems.

UK Parliament | Our Clients | RFF

UK Parliament

Presented expert testimony on AI safety to the UK Parliament, highlighting the critical role of external stakeholder validation in data use. Addressed the importance of detecting and mitigating biases and harms in AI systems to ensure ethical AI practices.

Aiimi | Our Clients | RFF


Delivered thought leadership and facilitated AI ethics workshops, including moderating a high-profile business and AI panel at the House of Commons with FTSE 100 clients. Provided insights into the ethical implications of AI in business practices.

Agile Solutions | Our Clients | RFF

Agile Solutions

Offered thought leadership and event moderation services for Agile Solutions’ FTSE 100 client base. Engaged with industry leaders to discuss AI innovations and ethical considerations, fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s role in business transformation.

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Richard has been featured on both ITV and BBC National News, where his unparalleled expertise and significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence have been recognised.

Colleges and Educational Institutions (Milton Keynes College Group, Stoke-on-Trent College, Hopwood Hall College, West Herts College Group, and Capital City College Group)

Conducted extensive AI workshops, providing strategic advice to the leadership teams of these institutions. Focused on the practical applications of AI in education, enhancing teaching methodologies and student engagement. Delivered comprehensive workshops to leadership teams and faculty on incorporating AI into pedagogy and teaching, preparing students for the future job market.