AI And Jobs: Highlighting MKAI’s Impact On ITV News

I’m pleased to share my contributions to a recent ITV News segment focusing on the burgeoning AI landscape in Milton Keynes. This city is rapidly becoming an AI hub, embracing innovation while fostering opportunities for all.

🌟 MKAI’s Core Values in Action:

Ethical AI: We are committed to responsible AI practices, ensuring technology benefits everyone.

Inclusivity: Our AI apprenticeships are designed for individuals from all walks of life, breaking barriers to entry.

Accountability: We hold stakeholders accountable to high standards of transparency and fairness.

📈 My Insights on AI and Jobs:

During the segment, I addressed concerns about AI potentially displacing jobs. While AI can boost productivity, potentially reducing the need for some roles, it also creates opportunities for new companies and new job categories. We should focus on these emerging opportunities rather than viewing AI solely as a job threat.

Milton Keynes has always showcased innovative technology, from autonomous buses to delivery robots. As AI evolves, we need to think creatively about how to harness its potential for job creation in new sectors. The city’s commitment to innovation and progress is truly inspiring.

📝 Milton Keynes: is leading the way in AI innovation and creating new career opportunities. Follow MKAI for more insights and updates on our journey towards ethical AI.