Richard Foster Fletcher

Harnessing AI for Türkiye’s Economic Growth!

At the AI [Tomorrow Summit] 2024, I had the honour of discussing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence for Türkiye’s economy, particularly focusing on the role of generative AI.

I’m very happy to be able to share my full talk. Here are the key points from my keynote:

Generative AI and SMEs 🚀
– Transformative Force: Generative AI is pivotal for Türkiye’s 3.2 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which make up 99.8% of businesses.
– Economic Impact: By enhancing automation, personalisation, and productivity, AI can potentially boost Türkiye’s GDP by $45 billion.

The Importance of Upskilling 📚
– User-Friendly Tools: Tools like ChatGPT are accessible but require guidance for effective use.
– Empowerment: Providing clear pathways and understanding the risks and opportunities associated with AI is crucial for SMEs.

Ethical Considerations and Data Sovereignty 🔒
– Local AI Models: Developing AI models and frameworks that respect Turkish customs and ensure data privacy is essential.
– Mitigating Risks: Addressing data sovereignty and cultural relevance will promote a more inclusive AI ecosystem.

Future of Jobs and Education 🧑‍🏫
– Job Market Impact: AI will create new technical roles but may displace less technical positions.
– Educational Focus: Robust education and reskilling programs are needed to bridge the skills gap and prepare graduates for the evolving job landscape.

Encouragement and Empowerment 💪
– Support for SMEs: Encouragement and clear communication are key to helping SMEs integrate AI effectively.
– Pathways to Integration: Providing straightforward pathways will enable businesses to leverage AI to its fullest potential.

Call to Action 🔍
Embracing AI with a considered and ethical approach will drive Türkiye’s economic growth and innovation. Stakeholders are encouraged to engage with these discussions, understand the implications, and take proactive steps towards integrating AI responsibly.

Special Thanks and Congratulations 🎉

Congratulations to Zafer KüçükşabanoğluGökhan Varanİlayda SümenGozde A.Ulas Malli and many others for organising such an impactful event.

Thank you to my fellow contributors and collaborators: Payton DobbsDaniel Rodríguez SierraFabio ArdossiHasan Soydan, PhD(c)Levent DinckalHazel Sheryll ReambilloAleksandra Hadzic.

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