Richard Foster Fletcher

Navigating the Future: Ethical AI at the EMEA Conference

It was a great honour to present as the keynote speaker at the EMEA Conference, hosted by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance. My session, “Navigating the Future: Ethical AI”, provided an opportunity for me to discuss the significant role of ethics in artificial intelligence and its impact on our career landscapes.

In my presentation, I compared the biases from humans to those in AI systems. Following this we discussed tools that candidates can adopt to increase the chances of getting a positive decision. Finally we talked about AI and the future of jobs, specifically my favourite topic “the AI dividend”. AI ethics was an omnipresent theme throughout my talk.

Thank you to the organisers for a smoothly run conference and to all the attendees for engaging so thoughtfully in the conversation. The insights shared by fellow presenters were both enlightening and enriching, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the varied aspects of career development in our current technological context.

I look forward to further discussions and collaborations as we work towards a more responsible technological future.

Thank you for the opportunity CSEA Dan Kiernan Megan Hendricks

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